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Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences for customer engagement, brand enhancement, and operational efficiencies.



Real-world environments and representations of created worlds, for anyone to experience remotely.

Virtual Reality

Computer-simulated environments, either representing the real world or an imagined one. Virtual Reality has been around for a while but its potential is only starting to be realised. It’s accessible via high-end headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive, and offers the scope for engaging all five senses. Other headsets into which users insert their phone (or standalone equivalents) are also available, and great for mass-engagement.


Ideal for: branded simulations, entertainment, learning experiences, prototyping

Augmented Reality

Real-world environments supplemented with computer-generated graphics, sounds, video or GPS data. Viewable via iOS or Android mobiles, tablets, headsets – or smart glasses such as Google Glass. The number of potential applications in our everyday lives that are soon going to be augmented is incredible, as we all have access via the devices in our pockets…


Ideal for: innovative presentations, training apps etc.

Mixed Reality

A combination of virtual and real worlds, Mixed Reality environments are those in which physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. As the user also interacts with these objects, Mixed Reality can have more in common with Virtual Reality, but often looks more like Augmented Reality. Dependent upon use case, MR environments can be accessed by mobile, tablet, PC or headset.

360° Video

Real-world environments and representations of created worlds, for anyone to experience remotely.


360 videos° offer the user controllable, immersive experiences of often remote (or imagined) environments. Views in all directions are recorded simultaneously, and ‘stitched’ together to ensure coherent colour, contrast, and audio. While videos are suitable for playback on standard mobile and PC devices, stereoscopic videos – viewable via headsets – optimise the 3D effect by creating separate 360° views for each eye.



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