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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 2nd May 2019


Thank you for using our games, experiences and related services. This is our Privacy Policy, it sets out how BELOUDEST handles your personal data. If you download, install and play our games, experiences, or use any of our related services (collectively called the “Service”) you agree to this Privacy Policy which also forms part of our Terms of Service.


1. What Information Do We Collect?

1.1 Information You Give To Us


The information collected when you use the Service, such as when you:


  • Contact information (such as real name, username, password and email address)
  • Profile information (such as a profile photo)
  • Your User Content interactions with the Service (Such as chat and support messages)
  • Your history of purchases with the Service (Such receipts from an in-app-purchase)
  • Your entered information on the Service websites
  • Your information when you subscribe to our newsletters or other information feeds
  • When you give us your information in another way.


1.2 Information Collected Automatically


The information automatically collected when you use the Service, such as:


  • Game progress data associated with your Service account
  • Mobile device identifiers such as your Device ID, Advertising ID, MAC Address and IMEI
  • Your IP address used to connect with your account and the Service
  • Information and data about your device such as the operating system, browser, device name and language
  • Any data we collect with cookies or equivalent technologies (more details below)
  • Your general location data (ie. city/country) based on your IP Address
  • Precise GEO location data using GPS with your consent
  • Additional data when using the Service, such as gameplay data and your interactions with other users using the Service
  • Data when you sign into the Service using social media, such as your name, age, friends list and photo.
  • We might in some cases create a BELOUDEST specific ID which is linked to you when using the Service


1.3 Information From Third Parties


When we collect information about you from third parties, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, or Google. We collect this information so that we can deliver the Service you have requested. Such as:


  • Data retrieved if you link the Service with a third party tool or service such as Facebook.
  • Geographic or demographic information previously stored on a third party service.
  • Data used to avoid fraudulent behaviour (such as click fraud advertising or refund abuse)
  • Data from game focused platforms (such as Apple Store transaction receipts)
  • Data for advertising and analytics purposes, so we can provide you a higher quality Service


2. Why Do We Collect Your Information?

How we use your personal data:


  • So you can play our games and experiences
  • To operate the Service
  • For product support, development and improvement
  • To verify and confirm payments from you
  • To provide better advertisements to you
  • To deliver, target and improve out product marketing to you
  • To perform our own analytics to improve the Service for you


We may combine information about you that we have collected from multiple sources


When we share your personal data:


  • To deliver, target and improve out product marketing to you
  • To better understand our customers
  • To help us run our business
  • When you access social media when playing our games


2.1 Who Can See Your Information?


We may disclose the personal information we hold about you in the following circumstances:


  • If we are required or authorised to disclose by law or by a law enforcement agency
  • To our business partners in the course of providing our Services to you, or generally in the conduct of our business. This may include organisations who provide services to us, such as advertising, payment processors or hosting services. Please see below for more information about third party services
  • To avoid, lessen or prevent a serious emergency or crime. If we use or disclose personal information about you in those circumstances we will make a written record of such use or disclosure.


2.2 Third Party Services


When you use the Service, you might also use third party services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Game Center. We do not control how they interact with you and you should ensure that you consent to the terms of use and privacy policies offered by the third party services before providing them with your information. You acknowledge that we are not liable when third party services use information you provide to them.


We encourage you to be careful about the protection of your own personal information when using third party services such as social media platforms.


We also work with certain business partners, such as other game developers and advertising partners, and information collected from you may be shared through these partnerships.


Some of our business partners are outside the United Kingdom. Below is a list of some, but not all, business partners that we actively share user information and site usage data with (this list is subject to change):


3. What Are Your Rights And Options?


3.1 Opt-Out of Direct Marketing

Sometimes we will use your information to tell you about our Services and our news, such as new games and experiences we are launching, events or competitions we are running, or merchandise we sell. You can opt-out if you don’t want to receive this information by following the instructions in such communications.


3.2 Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising

You may reset your device’s Advertising Identifier (Apple) of Advertising ID (Google), which will result in your device being disassociated from ad targeting profiles based on the Advertising Identifier in effect prior to reset.



  • You can reset by clicking on Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising -> Reset Advertising Identifier.



  • You can reset by clicking the menu icon to display the apps list, then find and select the Google Settings icon, then find and select “Ads” and selecting “Reset advertising ID”.


3.3 Your Additional Rights

  • By your own request, we will send a copy of your personal data stored on the Service
  • You have the right to correct your data or have it deleted, or additionally object to how we share your data. We will respond to all requests within a satisfactory timeframe.
  • You can withdraw your consent to GPS tracking by turning off GPS location sharing.
  • You can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings which might affect functionality of parts of the Service.


4. Cookies And Equivalent Technologies


We and our partners might use cookies or equivalent technologies to provide a personalised Service, perform analytics, target adverts and prevent fraud when using the Service.


5. Your Data Security & Retention?


We currently store information & data on servers in Ireland and Germany. We store the personal data you provide on computer systems that have limited access and are in controlled facilities. Because of the limitations of our systems, we do not have standardised retention policies. We will try to delete or deidentify data when we no longer require it.


6. Contact Us


In order to resolve a request regarding your data or to receive further information regarding the Service and Privacy Policy, please contact BELOUDEST at:



TMRW, 75-77 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1QE, United Kingdom