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Chess World AR – BETA Program

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Chess World AR – BETA Program

Effective Date: 15th May 2019


Hello, the BELOUDEST team have finally launched the Chess World AR BETA Program and we’re very excited about you playing the early access version of  the game during our lead up to the final release on iOS and Android.


We will quickly cover what our expectations are from you as a BETA Tester, as well as what to expect in terms of current features in Chess World AR.


At the bottom of the page there will be a link for you to finalise the last step you must complete to join the BETA Program, after which you will receive a final onboarding email with instructions on how to install the latest version of the game along with a unique BETA Code just for you.  


Current Core Features


Player VS Player (Global) – The central gameplay mode allows you to play other players remotely and ranks you by using an ELO Rating system that is similar to that used by the FIDE – World Chess Federation. When playing in this mode you will earn rewards for winning matches that will allow you to unlock additional content as you level up.


Player VS Player (Casual) – This mode is more focused towards playing out chilled games with your friends and family and is currently unranked and does not earn you rewards. There are 3 options when playing local games:


  1. Shared Game – take turns to make your move on the same device.
  2. Wifi Game – Create a wifi game and play chess with friends over WIFI
  3. Bluetooth Game – Same as WIFI but you can connect over Bluetooth.


Player VS AI – This mode allows you to play against an AI, you are able to change the difficulty of the AI at the start of each game. Whilst the AI can be challenging it is not the focus of Chess World AR and is purely for practising while on the go or if you can not connect to a network


Collectable Chess Sets – Right now within the build you can play with six unique chess sets. For the first BETA version you will be able to play with all the sets right away. In future versions we will disable this and you will have to play and win to earn the sets as you progress through levels.


AR Mode – It couldn’t be an AR chess game without this mode.


Our Expectations From You


As a BETA Tester we ultimately want you play the game and feedback any bugs you may find or suggestions you might have to improve any aspect of the game. You will not be forced to give any information to us but we would really appreciate you taking the time to make the effort to share your experience. We want to make the game a top class experience for everyone with your help.


Rewards & Perks For You


As a reward for being a BETA Tester we will give you a generous bundle of free in game currency & skins in return for participating in the BETA Program when the game is released on the stores. We are still fleshing out the in game rewards so we can’t be specific right now but we promise to make sure you are well looked after when the game is released as a way of saying thank you.


BETA Program – Terms of Service


As a requirement of being a BETA Tester on the BETA Program you must accept and agree to our Terms of Service when opening the app for the first time, in particular you must pay close attention to the BETA Program section that covers the license that applies to you when using any BETA developed by BELOUDEST. You can view the Terms of Service on our website before going any further. If you have any questions relating to the terms please ask us via the various channels linked in the footer of the email.


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Confidentiality


While we want everyone to know about Chess World AR we need you to understand that this is an early version of the game and you must follow the confidentiality terms that apply to your license in the Terms of Service. We have created the confidentially terms to protect all the hard work we have put into the game to date, the terms essentially restrict you in creating or sharing any videos, reviews, images and information relating to the game that is not already publicly available outside of the BETA Program . This ultimately allows us to restrict any damaging information being leaked about the game while we are still trying to fix and improve the game during the BETA Program.


If you do wish to publish any confidential information we will happily make considerations, and you may be able to do so if we expressly agree you can do so in writing beforehand after reviewing a request.


Final Registration


In order to finalise your registration onto the BETA Program please follow the link below and fill out the requested details. We look forward to having your valuable input and many thanks from the BELOUDEST team, aka developers of Chess World AR.


Contact Us



TMRW, 75-77 High Street, Croydon, CR0 1QE, United Kingdom